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Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell---it’s an awesome new web and mobile app for collecting, sorting, and publishing your life experiences, thoughts, memories, photos, and videos, both past and present. StoryTree automatically helps gather personal and family memories in a collaborative way.

Each StoryTree you create has four key tools to help you share, store, and publish your memories, thoughts etc. The Four Key Tools of StoryTree are:

  1. StoryChat- A "Chat App" where shared content can be saved into a digital, but printable journal.
  2. StoryLog- The stand-alone journal, connected to StoryChat, and other Apps.
  3. StoryBook- A "Life-Story-Collector" that little-by-little helps compile five topical memory books thru an "Automated Memory Interview" or A.M.I. There are hundreds of intriguing and fun prompts to help you recall and describe your life.
  4. StoryBox- A file and folder “bank” to hold memorable media and docs. Can be a kind of digital "frige door" to hang the kid’s latest creation from school -or any other special memory or object you have. (You can literally take pictures of those very kinds of things and put them there to keep forever.)
  1. Past- A place to record memories from the past. The embedded app writing prompts can sure help.
  2. Present- Answer life story prompts geared to more recent experiences, special activities, and accomplishments.
  3. Thoughts- A place to transfer or record your feelings, commentary, opinion, analysis on any number of topics.
  4. Overview- Here you can answer the more usual "5 W" type background questions about your life and family.
  5. Yada-Yada- Prompts using random images and words to trigger responses revealing perhaps forgotten or hidden memories and thoughts. Include miscellaneous other interesting tidbits and insights, prompted and unprompted, as to who you and your family are.

StoryTree is awesome for any person, family, or group to easily record memories. Use it as a strictly personal topical journal (ditch the pressure of a daily diary) or as a fun way to real-time reminisce with family and friends in a digital forum. Or do both by syncing your Trees. Use it in any number of ways - as an improved form of social media amongst family and friends, a memories and thoughts records-box, an automated interview life-storywriter, a memory book publisher, and/or a more purposeful family message board. Teachers can even use it to help students practice expressing and publishing their life experiences, thoughts, and memories in an online class forum, as well as do to interpretations and analysis of texts and images etc.

Download the app or register on the website, then instantly create your first StoryTree. We recommend you create a personal StoryTree as a "private journal" of sorts, and then create a 2nd one as a Group/Family StoryTree, inviting family/friends by email to share memories collaboratively. OR join an existing group Tree someone else in your family has already started. The registration page will display these options. Create other groups and personal StoryTrees as desired. Download the mobile app from your preferred app store.

Basic usage as a simple topical journal is free, but if you want to get more out of it you can upgrade your membership level with more memory, versatility, and other tools. The upgrade level cost less than a large soda or smoothie a month. Your personal and family life story of course is worth much more than a soda pop, don’t you think? Virtual immortality anyone? [We are presently still in beta testing, so all functions are free for now.]