All About StoryTree.

StoryTree is the ultimate “Swiss Army Knife” app and website for sharing, cultivating, and recording personal and family memories and history. It can be done online or offline, in real-time, or in your own time, all in a fun and simple new way. StoryTree accomplishes all of this through four key tools, all in one place, that all synergistically support each other.

The Four Key Tools of StoryTree are (and any of these Tools can be used independently as easy-to-use stand-alone programs as well):

  1. StoryChat- A "Chat App" where shared content can be saved into a digital, but printable journal.
  2. StoryLog- The stand-alone journal, connected to StoryChat, and other Apps.
  3. StoryBook- A "Life-Story-Collector" that little-by-little helps compile five topical memory books thru an "Automated Memory Interview" or A.M.I. There are hundreds of intriguing and fun prompts to help you recall and describe your life.
  4. StoryBox- A file and folder “bank” to hold memorable media and docs.

Instead of having shared online photos and life experiences become "Here today, gone tomorrow!" like with most social media apps, StoryTree lets you "tap" those photos and stories into your digital journal and topical memory books. Everyone belonging to your StoryTree can add and read the entries in real time, or at any time!

Additionally, once a week StoryTree sends everyone in a StoryTree group an intriguing prompt into their StoryChat as well as to their emails, to help spark memories and cultivate reflection and discussion. Each person can read the fun prompts and respond, or not, as they like. (But if your brother tells a big fish story you will surely want to correct it with the true version!)

And if you prefer to save your stories and memories in an additional "private journal", you can simply create a synchronized personal StoryTree that only you can see. That one can be simultaneously populated with whatever you put into your group StoryTree - automatically. Or just use StoryTree as a private journal and personal history without any group Tree at all. In fact, create as many StoryTrees as you like, and synchronize as many as you like too!

StoryTree can also serve as an “automated life-story writer”. It’s like having a kind and curious author come to your home whenever you want and have her interview you to compose your personal or family biography. Who doesn’t want to have a personal history book written for them? There are over 700 questions in five categories the StoryBook interviewer can ask you, all about your life and family, at your leisure. AMI (Automated Memory Interview) is the interviewer. She is the same one to send a weekly prompt into your StoryChat for everyone to share and see responses together. She can even help you interview and record the memories of loved ones growing old, whose lives you don’t want to be forgotten!

The fourth and final Key Tool -StoryBox -is like a "vault" to hold all your old photos, videos, memorable documents, talks, artwork, schoolwork -to either store -or to sort out later. Take pics of kid’s "refrigerator door" art! Make a "Show and Tell" folder for cool stuff you normally would just toss or lose over time. Pretty simple in itself- but as integrated with your StoryLog, Chat and StoryBook becomes another critical element for sharing and preserving memories -as a group, or alone.

All you have to do now is register here on, or to your app store to download StoryTree. And yes--it’s free. If nothing else get your Chat app and start saving your memories into a calendar log. And if you wish can also begin to automatically write your life story, little by little!

Meet our team.

Daniel V. Wilson


Dan is the face behind the idea for StoryTree (see the link on the Story of StoryTree). He is also a retired teacher, counselor, and interpreter of the Deaf, as well as a serial entrepreneur, an inventor, and an aspiring author. Most of all he is the father of three, grandfather of ten, and husband of an amazing wife.

Connor Mattson

Co-Founder and Lead Developer

Connor is the brain that engineered the code and design of this beautiful piece of memory recording software. As a family history enthusist since the age of 12, Connor leapt at the opportunity to contribute to StoryTree and will always consider it one of his greatest achievements. Connor attributes his motivation to create StoryTree to his grandmother, Bonnie, who has always encouraged him to continue his family's history.